Liturgical Resources

Like the introduction to the book says, this book is a feast. When we sit down to a festive meal we can approach the abundance with such enthusiasm and consume so much at one time that we lose our appetite for more. Or we can approach the feast with wisdom, taking only as much as we can enjoy, savoring each taste. You are encouraged to take the second approach. Begin where you and your community are most comfortable. Explore in small doses approaches outside your comfort zone. Savor the feast.

Throughout the book and this website, we have provided many different resources to assist your community savor the feast

Church Year Resources

Vertical Habits

Heidelberg Catechism and the Psalms

"Biblical Psalms in Christian Worship" by John Witvliet

Preaching the Psalms

Revised Common Lectionary Resources

Indexes and Appendexes

Other Liturgical Resouces

Psalm Singing History