Christ the King

The lordship of Jesus Christ is central to all New Testament teaching and to the call of the Christian life. The observance of Christ as King, therefore, marks the conclusion and climax of the entire Christian Year before Advent begins another new year.  On this Sunday we focus on the cosmic character of Christ’s reign over the world, and we proclaim the message that all are called to submit joyfully and obediently to his rule. The day has both a climactic emphasis as a mark of the completion of all his redemptive work, and an eschatological emphasis which anticipates his second coming.

Some possible Psalms to use:

Psalm 2
Psalm 21
Psalm 24
Psalm 47
Psalm 68
Psalm 72
Psalm 93
Psalm 95
Psalm 97
Psalm 99
Psalm 100
Psalm 110
Psalm 132